Boilie Range

Creamy C.S.L

A birdfood bait with an upgrade, made using vegetable proteins, milks,eggfood, cereal meals, digestable binders and my own version of sluis clo-finished off with a rich corn steep liqour food suppliment, and a legendary creamy flavour that is mouth watering!

Mighty Marine

A different type of marine shellfish type bait-this contains full fat fish proteins, crustecea meals, blood, a very high marine protein food , herbs and spices, cereal meals, vegetable proteins, liquid liver hydrolosate and finished in a german sausage /spicy meat flavour.

Posh Nosh

Classic red fish mix using low temp cooked fishmeal, pre-digested fish protein, milk protein , clo, robin red,vegetable proteins , digestable cereal meals, vitamins and minerals. Comes in black caviar, or monster crab with plum flavours.

Giant Shellfish

A complex blend of norwegian fishmeals, krill, and crustecea meals, milk proteins, marine feeds, blood protein powder,clo, mild spices, vegetable proteins, made using liquid fish proteins and a shellfish concentrate.

Mutiny (NEW)

Everyone wants a nutmix-heres mine, a blend of nutmeals, cereal foods, vegetable proteins , digestable binders , large dose of liquid food and finished in a sweet flavour note.